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Unlock opportunities with Swap Station Franchise

Join our vision and support our battery swapping system network through our franchise model.


• There are 8 slots available for the franchise program Swap Station.


• The franchise fee is IDR 25,000,000 for 1 swap machine unit, valid for 5 years.


• The franchiser must provide an outdoor location (either self-owned or with a minimum 2-year lease agreement).


• A guaranteed minimum earning of IDR 500,000 per month is provided for 3 years.


• Starting from year 3 (years 4 and 5), the profit will be calculated based on IDR 1,000 per 1 KWH (Kilowatt-hour).


• After the 5th year, the SWAP STATION unit will be recalled, and the franchise program will be considered completed.


• Each swap station unit can accommodate a maximum of 7 spare batteries. The number of batteries should be based on the demand in the respective area.


• It is possible to participate in the program with more than 1 swap machine.


• The electricity cost from PLN is covered by

• The cost of electrical installation / power increase is covered by SWAP.


• Spare batteries are provided by


• SWAP fully covers the maintenance of swap machines.


• The program is not exclusive to a specific area.


• After 5 years, the machine will be considered damaged and will be recalled. The franchise program will be completed.


The assumed profits depicted are intended to provide an overview of how to calculate the profits.

we assumed location for the Swap Station facility open for user access 24 hours.

** Max KW per hour is the maximum output at the swap station with SWAP ID.


*** Utilization indicates the assumption when operating at a certain percentage (utilization depends on the number of motorcycles using SWAP).


Simulations and assumptions may deviate from the estimates depending on the actual traffic conditions.


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